Game Mechanism: The Turn

One of the central aspects of the game is the turn itself and the players possibilities within!

The turn consists of 2 parts:
  1. The active player generates his bonuses from his controlled fields.
  2. He can perform 1 and only one action to take influence on the board. Then the next player takes his turn.

This mechanism of 1 action promotes fast turning rounds, ability to react on other players decisions and the necessity to create priorities at a large pool of options.

Here’s a overview of the basic pool of action without including Event Cards, special Faction powers and other evolving special abilities:
– explore a concealed field and bring it into play (hopefully under your control)
– take over a field controlled by one of your opponents by moving your fleet
– take over a planet by performing a diplomatic action
– Fight enemy fleets with yours
– enlarge your fleet by cruisers, not only frigates
– equip your ships to perform special maneuvers

– solve public missions (best before your opponents do)

This is already a big variety of actions and the players have to adapt their strategies to the board additionally. But cause of the 1 action per round, the turn is not overcrowded and it’s easy to create a suitable strategy.


Turn overview:  1. Generating Bonuses   2. Performing one Action


Taking over a shipyard station is one possible move


Generates 1 Event Card each turn

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