It’s Time! Cosmic Empires – 2nd Edition to launch on Kickstarter on 19th May 2016

Innovative Games Creation is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of their Kickstarter campaign for Cosmic Empires 2nd Edition.

Launch date is 19th May 2016, at 11:00 am EST.

Ending date is 19th June 2016.


Far beyond the centers of the galaxy, five factions collide in a contested solar system. Whether as scientist, native, pirate, corporation or imperialist, you are trying to accomplish your secret mission before your opponents. You discover planets, conquer space stations, and fight other players for territory. Mighty fleets will help you suppress your opponents, while diplomacy paves the way for a flourishing nation.

Rapid competition is guaranteed, forcing you to demonstrate bravery and smart decision-making. At the same time you must track the progress of your opponents and be aware of the power that alliances can provide. Prepare yourself for a journey into the depths of the galaxy!

Cosmic Empires 2nd Edition will feature plastic miniature ships, a new rulebook, minor rules changes, a new game element (the strategy board) and improved faction sheets.

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