What’s this blog about…

After the success of the game Cosmic Empires and the great demand from around the world, it’s a pleasure for us to bring this game now to everybody who couldn’t get in its pleasure, yet. Thanks Kickstarter you’re going to receive a greatly expandable game including all imaginable and desired aspects you expect to find in the depths of the galaxy.

This Blog introduces the 2nd Edition of Cosmic Empires, which differs in many points to the 1st one, and discusses together with you the content to be added to the Kickstarter campaign. We want to involve you into the crowdfunding process by setting up Strechgoals and other desired rewards together. Together we are going to make the game even bigger and better. The game can be expanded at your option and you can become a part of the project, because it’s made for the community.

To be able to discuss about the game, you should know what it is about. In the following we introduce it and its highlights in the 2nd edition to you.

Cosmic Empires is a
fast evolving (also in fleet building including ship specialization without overcrowding),
highly interactive between players,
– with quick turns but big variety of tactical and strategical choices,
– with big variety of manipulating combats and surprising your opponents (for example due to events cards and ship upgrades and more),
great designed,
– short game of 60-90 minutes and

– is played on a variable field including lots of different tiles, so every game differs from each other:


Now, here are some already realized Highlights of the 2nd Edition:

– We added a brand new element, the “strategy board”, which gives the player a further plain of action. This additional plain not only grants the players a stable pool of actions, but also supports the build of long term strategies.


– We improved the starting setup of the board by including scenarios, containing defined fields, but still in random constellation.

– The spaceships were reworked and got a new shape. As in the 1st edition they were made of board, now they became three-dimensional, precise, plastic miniatures of best quality. The particularity is the upgrading possibility of each ship and station by adding colored sticks. This grants individualized ships to fulfill special tasks and roles in fleets.


Miniature Ships in the 2nd Edition






Ships of 1st Edition

– A revised and better structured rulebook: CosmicEmpires_Rulebook_RevisedEdition

– Tons of new elements, like new factions, stations, permanent effects and more, are waiting to join the core game, its strechgoals and the expansion!

In the next post we are going to go more into detail and speak about individual elements and their influences in the game.

So stay tuned and get inspired by a fascinating game.